Hey there!

I'm Denise

I believe that you can change the world with a series of pivots. My career in design combines my experience in tech, art, and science. I work with diverse perspectives and skill sets on product teams. My recent work includes leading the redesign of a DIY Electronics startup for edtech. The experience inspired me to delve more deeply into product strategy and design.

I capture the stories to connect people and ideas to drive product development 🎧
Art in public spaces like a Manyunk mural inspire unique design jumping points ✨

Philly art and industry

Influences my design

Growing up in a cross section industry, agriculture and art stamped my entrepreneurial work ethic and fuels my design solutions. Tinkering with found objects and ideas, working with what you have, and testing how all of it rubs together to spark creative solutions; these experiences inspire my scrappy problem solving. One of my first jobs was at an ad agency in Philly where I taught myself to code so I could spend more time in the creative department.

Design to delight
The synthesis of data and design is my jam. 
I break down complex systems into snacks for developers and customers.  I’ve tagged elephant seal pups to study diabetes and talked developers into a kindergarden class demo all in the service of solving problems for people.
Engineer students displaying the scale model boat they built at a working boat yard ♥️